Spying On The Boss

I had begun to suspect the boss was having an affair with one of my coworkers, so I stayed behind one night to see. I’d left as usual in front of everyone, then snuck back in the back door and remained hidden in the store room laying in wait. Everyone left but him and the woman I suspected and it didn’t take long for them to get to it once they thought they were alone. I knew from their moans of ecstasy they were occupied with one another and would not be looking towards the door, which since they thought they were alone, they had not entirely shut.

I saw he riding him in his office chair and I took the opportunity to snap a few pics of them having sex. It would be good leverage I could use against him and threaten to email them to his wife if he didn’t give me the raise I wanted. I watched them for a while after I took the pics though and found it a bit arousing. Watching her ride his dick, her tits in his face, his hands grabbing her ass cheeks, they were quite into it and enjoying themselves very much.

Later that night I thought of them fucking in the office like that as I lay in my bed masturbating, looking at the pictures that I could easily destroy him with. I felt naughty in having seen them in such an intimate and private moment, but they had been a bit too chummy at work and I got the impression they might be involved, obviously I was right. I told him the next day about the pics and I got my raise. He wasn’t happy about it, but if he fired me I’d go to his wife, he didn’t want that. Finding out the secrets of someone powerful can be entertaining and good for ammunition if needed.

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