Warm, Full, Comforting Breasts

Breast milk is always a popular topic, especially with guys into girlfriend experience calls or ones into impregnation, they just seem to all go together beautifully. Intimate and loving and comforting. So lovey dovey and nurturing. Some into the MILF and mommy calls are also very much into being nursed by the comforting, soothing, older female they would be making love to in their fantasies. Do warm, full titties overflowing with milk just get your cock harder than anything? Last night a caller was really into titty fucking with a lactating woman, so the milk would be squirting all over his cock as he squeezed the tits and fucked them.

I was his “milky momma” as he put it, warm, wet milk dripping all over me as I lay there on my back, cupping my voluminous tits around his hard shaft and getting his cock and balls soaked with it and then me licking it all off of him. He also liked when I said my tits were big enough they can reach my own mouth and suck on them myself so he could watch me nurse on my own tits. He loved that, he was just moaning in pleasure at the idea of watching it.

We should never underestimate how much something might turn another person on. It can get them going into an absolute frenzy when they get worked up about it. Breast milk is certainly harmless enough, but for some, there’s no appeal to it at all, to others there’s nothing sexier than a milky tit fuck. Even them fucking you in the pussy as they nurse on your breasts is more than enough to get most going. Not everyone is into a titty fuck, but they certainly enjoy nursing on those tits that are filled up and overflowing.

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