Here a Buzz, There a Buzz, Everywhere a Buzz Buzz

Ladies aren’t the only ones who get pleasure from vibrators. Many cock rings have vibe attachments for both female and male pleasure. Men seem to love the idea of watching their ladies use toys on themselves. Countless callers love to hear about it, and when I’m honest and say I don’t like sex toys and that they provide what is like a ruined orgasm. An incomplete, not fully satisfying one like can be achieved by hand. Some women love toys and cannot cum without them. Hey, if it works for them, great.

I’m not sure why guys think it’s sexy watching a woman shove plastic or silicone phallus shaped forms in her pussy when fingers would be much sexier to my way of thinking, but whatever turns you on. There’s thousands of different toys out there in all kinds of price ranges and all kinds of shapes that do different things, so if you enjoy toys, you will surely find just the right one for you. Whether it’s G spot orgasms, clitoral ones, anal ones, or prostate massagers for men, you will find your bliss, should you look.

It’s not like an orgasm produced by fingers, or tongue or cock or pussy. The vibe induced orgasm is a different type entirely, but one many would not want to be without. There’s plenty of porn for guys that want to watch ladies use a variety of toys on themselves. Are you a man that’s turned on by that? Lots of men call we phone girls while they are watching porn, and it heightens the whole call experience for them. Maybe you could even tell us the clip you’re watching or email it to us and we could watch the same clip at the same time as you do. How’s that for phone sex and masturbation, a bit more exciting than just going it alone.

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