The Bus Trip

Air travel has gotten so unbearable, the bus is looking better and better to me. I went on a weekend bus sightseeing trip and the man seated next to me and I got along wonderfully. It was a trip to a winery, with one overnight. The night we were at the bed and breakfast, things got a little hot and heavy. There was a knock at my door and he was standing there with a bottle of wine and a rose. Of course I let him in. We were soon making out in front of the fireplace on the love seat and I normally do not do the one night stand thing, but I couldn’t resist he was so handsome and charming.

He was a wonderful lover, very good at licking pussy, and I returned the favor and sucked his hard cock. I could barely fit all of it in my mouth and wondered how I would be able to fit it in my pussy soon afterward, but somehow I managed. He laid me back and slowly slipped that hard and girthy cock into me, ever so gently until he’d gotten me stretched open and used to the size of it. The slowly fucked me and with every stroke of his hard cock I could feel myself getting closer and closer to orgasm as it rubbed against my clit with each and every stroke.

He suckled at my nipples and breathed so heavily on my neck. I wrapped my arms around him and my legs, pulling him deeper inside with every thrust. I bucked up towards him and felt that sweet orgasm wash over me and he came into me in jet after jet or his hot cum. We had to be fairly quiet since the inn was full and there were fairly thin walls and we didn’t want to alert anyone to our coupling, but it was pretty hot. We held hands and cuddled on the bus ride home. I have no idea if we will see one another again, but even if it was just a one time thing, it was a lovely and romantic memory.

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