Giving It To Him Up The Ass

I’ve been dating this guy who’s nice, but he’s pretty submissive and I had a feeling he might like me to dominate him with a strap on. I was right. When I asked if he’d ever tried this or thought of it he blushed and said he’d been too shy to ask the few women he’d been with about it, but if I was willing, he’d love to give it a go. I got us a few things at the sex shop and a harness and strap on were among them. He was thrilled when I showed him the bag of goodies I’d gotten for us to try.

I got a big bottle of lube and once I had the harness on and the toy in place, I lubed it up well and told him to bend over the bed. I could hear the fear in his voice. He was so afraid it would hurt, yet he was curious anyway to try. I was gentle and eased the head of it into his asshole, pushing it inside and then ever so slowly going in all the way with it. He gasped a bit when I did so. I’d started off with a smaller one, it was only around five inches, but if you’ve never had anything in there, even that can seem a little large I realize.

He reached underneath and began to stroke his cock at the same time I was fucking him to increase his own pleasure. He moaned in delight and quickly grew to love my thrusting into him with the toy. He softly moaned he was going to cum and he shot his load in a few squirts. I then withdrew the strap on and he said he’d never had such an intense orgasm in his life before. The toy had just hit his prostate just right and induced a more pleasurable orgasm than he’d ever known. I knew the strap on was going to become a regular fixture in our sex life.

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