Groped in Times Square

Against my better judgment, a friend convinced me to go to Times Square in New York City last night for New Year’s Eve. I’m not a fan of crowds, and it was packed as expected. We’d been in New York over the holidays after Christmas to see a few Broadway shows and decided at the last minute to do the Tomes Square bit before coming home the next day. A few minutes to midnight, I felt my skirt being lifted from behind and someone putting their hands into my panties from behind. There were so many people pressed in around us, I honestly didn’t know who it was.

I looked over my shoulder and no one met my gaze, or had a knowing smile. I tried to move away from them, but it was so crowded, there wasn’t a prayer of moving away. I felt trapped and there was nothing I could do. The noise was deafening of the crowd, so screaming would have done and accomplished nothing. So I just stood there, being fingered by some anonymous person. I could feel their fingers teasing my pussy from behind. I felt myself growing wet. They were not hurting me or being rough, but this was still against my will.

My clit was being massaged from behind and the wetness was flowing freely now. I even slightly parted my legs and leaned forward a bit to give them a bit better access. They continued to rhythmically stroke me, a bit faster now, back and forth and I was breathing heavier. I knew I was going to cum. The countdown had begun on the big clock. Damned if they didn’t make me cum and scream out at the stroke of twelve. It was bizarre and surreal, and there was no way to stop it. The crowds started to disperse right after midnight, and I never did see whoever had been fingering me from behind. I didn’t tell my friend about it, it was just one of those weird things.

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