Sexy Workout

I have a sexy new neighbor and I kind of wanted to put the moves on him without being too obvious. Our homes were not that far apart and I knew if I did anything with open windows he`d be able to see in mine clearly. I didn’t want to be so obvious as to masturbate naked or something, so I thought about my exercise routine. I put on a skimpy, sexy leotard and decided to workout with the window blinds up and was stretching and dancing and moving what I thought was very sexily. I think it worked.

He introduced himself the next time we were both outside and he had this semi smirk on his face. I invited him in for a drink and we spoke and flirted over a bottle of wine. He asked me if I’d go over to his house for dinner and tell him about the neighbors and all, and I agreed. I went over the next night and we did a lot more than share dinner. We had a lot of wine and started kissing on his sofa and I was soon down on my knees on the floor in front of him sucking his cock. He said it was the best welcome to the neighborhood present he’d gotten.

He soon returned the favor and stripped me down and said what a lovely, fit body I had, I must workout to keep in such good shape. I knew he’d seen me prancing around for his benefit and he dove down between my thighs and licked my pussy very well. His tongue darting between my moist folds and searching out my stiff little clit, tickling it and driving me wild until I creamed all over his face. He made me cum several times with that magic tongue of his. I wanted to leave him wanting more, so I called the evening to a close, but I look forward to the next time and having that cock in my pussy.

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