Twice the Fun

This guy I’ve been seeing asked me how I felt about maybe having a threesome. He’s had them before and really enjoyed them and he said he was sure I would as well, so I agreed to it. It was one of the hottest nights in my life. I never had a woman go down on me or went down on one until this night, and it was incredible. She was a friend of his and they had been fuck biddies at different times and I was not threatened by this, and she was wonderful at licking pussy I was a bit hesitant to try it, but I sure took to it quickly once I tried it.

After she made me cum, I was ready for another orgasm pretty quickly. He got on his back and told me to ride him while he began to lick her pussy. We were facing one another and soon French kissing as she rode his face and I rode his hard cock. I kept cumming and cumming, and he then wanted us to switch places and he licked his own cum out of my pussy. He’d done that before, and he’s multi orgasmic, so he just kept going like the Energizer bunny.

He asked us to scissor our cunts together, he really likes watching two women do that. It felt nice, but I wasn’t able to cum from it, so she and I ended up fingering one another and making each other cum that way. I was exhausted from cumming so many times. It was like a night long workout filled with orgasms! He asked after she left if I thought I’d be up to another one in the future, and I said yes, I’d love to play again. It was a fantastic night. I can’t wait for the next time.

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