Circle Jerk Gone Naughty

I was going to see my new boyfriend and he had a few buddies over when I went in, I have my own key. I could hear moaning coming from the living room when I went in an I could hear porn on the t.v.. I rolled my eyes and laughed and told him the real thing had arrived so he could rest easy. I walked in and saw two of his buddies were there as well and they were all having some mutual masturbation session while watching the porn. I hadn’t counted on there being company when I arrived.

His friends just lived down the street, so that’s why there were no cars in the driveway to give away that anyone was in here but my boyfriend. I smiled as I saw them stroking, and while they looked shocked to see me, they still didn’t stop rubbing their cocks or put them away. I suggested maybe I could be of help to them, and I got on the floor and grabbed a cock in each hand and started to suck my boyfriend off as well. I was really being a slut and they were loving it.

I gave wonderful hand jobs, and they were all moaning with pleasure as I teased all three cocks at once. I was driving my boyfriend wild with my flickering tongue and he loved watching me pleasure his two friends. It was hot and I loved servicing all of them at the same time. I knew I was going to take all three of their loads. They were breathing so hard and I could feel my pussy getting so wet doing this. One came on my hand first, then my boyfriend down my throat and then I had another load in my other hand. I had sure walked in on a pervy little scene, and I made sure I was a part of it.

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