Fondle My Tits

My lover has a real thing for my tits, he simply cannot get enough of them, and he’s always grabbing at them like they are toys. I have to admit, I do enjoy that and them, myself. I have always paid a lot of attention to my breasts when I masturbate. I usually spend a good deal of time on them before I even touch my pussy. I like to caress them, and make the nipples hard, even self suck on them for a while. I am always juicy wet when I finally do get to my pussy by doing that.

Last night before we fucked he wanted to get me wet before he even touched my cunt, so fondling my breasts is always a good way for that to happen, so I laid back and he got out some massage oils and he slowly and teasingly worked on my tits. My nipples were rock hard within a moment of him beginning to tease them, and soon he was sucking on them and nursing on them. He really wanted me to be able to lactate at some point, but I doubt that will ever happen, but it is a fantasy of his, I know.

He would love to feel his hands become wet with my milk as he squeezes my tits in his hands and then lick it all up, but he gets plenty of pleasure just from playing with them and once in a while he will give me a titty fuck and lay that cock of his between them, I will squeeze them together and he will pump away until he shoots his load all over me and gives me a pearl necklace. I do love him cumming on me, and he usually licks it off as well, the naughty boy.

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