Jilling Together

A lot of people know and accept that guys often jerk off together, a circle jerk, or just a couple of buddies together, but some girls do as well, even if you don’t touch the other person at all, it’s fun to share that experience with another person and it heightens it rather than just doing it alone. Activities like this seem to happen more in childhood and teens, and when we get older and are more often paired up with people of the opposite sex, they seem to fall by the wayside, remembrances of old.

I don’t have any statistics as to how many grown ups are still engaging in mutual masturbation sessions with people of the same sex, but some certainly are. Not everyone has this close of a friendship and it would seem awkward to even bring up the topic and you could very well kill a friendship if you even tried. “So Marcy, we’ve had fun the last few times we went shopping together and the movies that time. How do you feel about masturbating in the same room together, see how that goes?” Um, it would pretty much guarantee they think you’re a weirdo and a pervert and they’d never speak to you again.

I cannot even imagine how a conversation would go that would have a desired outcome, as soon as one of you started to see someone, it would likely stop, and the one left behind would feel alone again. Guys are likely more apt to be cool with such a situation, lord knows enough call on the phone that still claim to have occasional jerk off buddies, but women are a bit more easily put off by weirdness. I guess you just have to have a sexual conversation and ask if you ever did that a kid or teen and see how it goes from there.

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