Witching Time is Almost Here

There’s a man down the street that always does a fancy Halloween set up in his front yard for Halloween and he sets it up the first week in October, I always look forward to going down to see it. I’ve never met him, but always saw him in the yard when he was doing his display set ups. This year I went down and introduced myself to him, and he seemed a very friendly man. He invited me in for a drink and began to tell me all about how he got started doing his displays.

It wasn’t long after I began to feel a little funny though and realized he’d put something in my drink and perhaps it wasn’t wise I’d gone into the house of a strange man I didn’t know, even if he was a neighbor. I felt myself on verge of passing out, and then being semi carried semi walking, to the sofa in the next room. I felt my clothes getting removed and his hands all over my body, touching me and groping me. I didn’t have the ability to fight or fend him off in any way, yet what he was doing felt good, but good or not, it was against my will.

I could feel the tip of his cock going into my pussy, which he’d peeled the panties off of and then him thrusting bare inside of me. I was getting wet and was aroused, but was in some twilight, dreamlike state and not able to talk or move much at all. I felt his dick going in my mouth and cum being shot down my throat. I then recall my clothes being put back on and being positioned on the couch and then a few hours later fully coming to, but when I asked him, he said I’d just fallen asleep and that I must’ve been very tired. I won’t argue, but I know I didn’t fall asleep.

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