Dancing The Night Away

A local legion hall a few blocks away from where I live has started to have a monthly dance on Saturday nights. I saw some good looking men going in there that walked by my house on the way there and I thought if they looked that good, maybe I should go and check this out, and was I ever glad I did. The music and band was great, there was several good looking guys there and I did dance with a few of them. One however, I did a bit more than dance with.

He lived a block over from me and walked and asked if I’d like to go back t his place for a drink after the dance was over and I agreed. I knew there would be some dancing of the horizontal variety going on if I went with him and I was ok with that. He was a fine dancer and moved like silk across that dance floor, so I wondered if he’d be as good in bed as he was on the dance floor and I was not disappointed. He is a giver and truly finds his pleasure in giving others pleasure and I’m more than happy to take it.

He finds pussy eating an absolute art and he loves to devour a woman until she screams with orgasmic delight, and he did indeed incite that reaction in me. His cock was equally talented, I must say and he exhausted me even more in bed than he did on the dance floor. I will be more than happy to let him lead me around the dance floor or the bedroom now that I’ve seen and sampled his skills. Some truly do find it an art to be skilled in the ways of pleasuring a lady, and I’m glad, since I’m tired of the selfish jerks I’ve been dating, so this one seems like he’s worth my time, and my pussy’s time as well.

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