Double Your Fun

Recently I had a naughty time with two men, and I was pleased to have two cocks to satisfy. I’d needed some electrical work done on my home and the electrician that came by brought his apprentice with him and when I saw how cute he was, and the older one wasn’t bad either, I decided to leave my bedroom door open a bit as I changed and hoped one or both of them would notice and take a peek inside. I stripped down and decided to rub some lotion on my legs as I sat on the edge of the bed and was soon rubbing some on my breasts and on my inner thighs. I saw a shadow in the doorway.

I knew I was being watched so said come in and the young apprentice came in and I could see the bulge in his pants and I knew he’d gotten turned on watching me. It only took a few moments fort he older one to come looking for him and he soon walked in and saw me naked on the end of the bed sucking on his apprentice’s cock and he soon stripped down and joined us.

I took a dick in each hand and was getting them off, then alternating which one I took in my mouth to suck, going back and forth. I was soon on all fours with a dick in my pussy and one down my throat. I was pleasing both of them and feeling very slutty but satisfied. I loved cock and here I was pleasing two of them. I had them both cum in my pussy and down my throat and I was feeling so sloppy wet with all those loads of cum dripping out of me and mingling inside of me. I was glad I’d had the fuse box short out to have called them here in the first place, it was a hot time had by all.

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