Tools For Cock and Ball Torture

This week a client on a business trip has been calling me nightly, he’s in a hotel room and bored. He told me on the first night to give him a list of things he’d need for a number of nights for him to do things to his cock, so it’s been interesting. Fishing line, to wrap his cock tightly with, a candle, to drip the wax over the fishing line and coat it thoroughly, Q Tips, to dip in icy hot muscle gel, toothpaste, Tobasco sauce and insert down his cock and twirl them around. Fresh ginger to make a burning butt plug with, condoms, to fill with water and freeze to make a freezing butt plug with, rocks to pound his dick with.

He was a good sport and got all of the items and each night we’ve used some of them and I’ve found the results entertaining. I can hear him doing these things as I instruct him to, so I haven’t a doubt he’s actually carrying out these acts I tell him to. He’d never heard of the peeled ginger up the ass trick before, another clients had a domme that did that to him. He’d actually also made some fine slivers of it and inserted one down his cock.

I can only wonder what would happen if the maid by chance walked in unannounced, well, I’m sure they’ve seen pretty much everything anyway, but it would be amusing for sure. So he has all the next day to recover from his activities and then comes back to the room after his meetings are over for the day and calls me for the next go round of pain. He praised my creativity when I gave him that list, and he’s enjoyed doing the things to himself, so he says anyway. Some guys are just really into pain and enjoy it. Be my guest.

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