My Cuckold Boyfriend

I really like the guy I’m seeing, but sadly his dick is not as big as I’d like, and he’s well aware of this, he said most relationships he’s been in have been of the cuckold variety, so he expected me to still be fucking other guys on the side. He really enjoyed hearing all the dirty details when I’d come home from one of my dates and he’d like to be licking my pussy out as I told him what all I did. I hadn’t fucked anyone in front of him yet, just told him the details, which got his little dick quite hard.

I’d had other boyfriends in the past with normal sized cocks that were just into their own cum lick me out after they’d fucked me, but never had a guy lick the cum of another man out of me. I didn’t mind if that’s what he wanted to do, and he was good at licking pussy, there’s no doubt about it. I do love when he uses his lips and tongue on me of course, but I really do adore getting fucked by a good sized cock, and that he will never have to give me, and he knows it.

One of my lovers cums like a bloody fire hose, there’s so much cum, unless I shower right after, I have to wear a pantyliner in my panties at the very least, or else they’d be soaked through to my skirt. When I came home from him, I was sloppy as fuck and dripping like you wouldn’t believe. I told my boyfriend to get on the bed and I straddled his face and great globs of milky cum started to slide down his throat and he was just lapping it up with great gusto. I was pretty clean when he was finished with me, but I still showered after, but he surely does love that cuckold creampie I bring him home a few nights a week.

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