Fucking The Mother in Law

My son in law is a very handsome guy, I had my daughter when I was really young, and look young myself, not old enough to be her mom. I new from the first time I met him he was attracted t me and I was to him, I didn’t want to hurt my daughter though by going after her man, but he kept pursing me every chance that he got and I put him off until I couldn’t resist anymore myself and I gave in and fucked my own daughter’s husband. I must seem like a terrible mother.

He really loved older women though and told me the first time he had been with a woman she was a MILF and he’d always been attracted to them and he wanted me. I told him this was inappropriate, but he kept pushing it until I didn’t want him to stop. He turned me on and I knew I was going to like fucking him, which I did, very much. It wasn’t hard to find time to be together, my daughter is a night nurse at the hospital, so every night is free and easy to meet him. He’d come over every night after she left for the hospital and we’d fuck our brains out. It was so naughty, but so fun.

He loves to worship my pussy and his face is between my thighs every chance he gets, licking me, tasting me, teasing me, and I adore every single time and gush on his face in pleasure. I love sucking his young cock as well, and getting fucked by a guy that age, they are still so hard, it’s wonderful, no need for little blue pills at that age yet. He’s a hot fuck. I don’t think my daughter gets to fuck him as often as I do, she’s so busy, but I work from home, so I have more time to play.

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