What My Uncle Saw

I was house sitting recently for my aunt and uncle, they’d gone away to Europe for a few weeks, so I had the house to myself. I’d made myself quite at home. I was staying in their bedroom in the large, comfortable king sized bed and was masturbating when all of a sudden I felt like I was being watched. I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw my uncle standing there in the doorway watching me, yet it didn’t stop me from continuing to play with my pussy.

I finally came and I’d bet he was as hard as a rock watching me. I looked over and said you startled me, where was my aunt? He said she’d gotten bumped from the flight and he had come home and she would be in on the next plane in a few hours, but he was glad he’d gotten a chance to see me and what I was doing. I was a bit embarrassed, but not too much and he said he’d enjoyed watching me, that I was very beautiful and it was a lovely thing seeing a woman pleasure herself.

He said it had been a long time since he’d seen a lady do that and he was very glad he’d witnessed it. I collected my things and went home and thought about him watching me masturbate many times over the coming months when I’d be playing with my pussy. I bet he wanted to fuck me, but he’d been a gentleman and never did anything he shouldn’t, other than let me know how much he’d enjoyed looking at me as I’d played. You never know who might be right outside your door watching, you just never know…

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