The Sexy Co Worker

This new co worker of mine, I just can’t stop thinking about him, he’s good looking, funny and smart and surprisingly single, though I bet not for long. We got assigned to work on a project together and have had a few late nights at the office getting it finished up, and last night we ordered in dinner to work over and he must have noticed me staring a little too long and a lot too intently, and he asked if I was attracted to him. I felt so foolish admitting it, but it was a bit obvious and he said not to worry, he was to me as well, and he got up from his side of the desk he was sitting on and leaned down and kissed me.

The kiss soon turned passionate and he cleared off the desk and I was soon bent over the desk and he was pulling up my skirt from behind and pulling my panties down. I knew I was going to love having his cock inside of me and I did, he was everything I’d imagined and more. He cupped my breasts in his hands and rubbed my nipples, making them hard, and his cock plunged into me and filled me up wonderfully.

I was grabbing onto the desk and loving how he was fucking me from behind. We had a hot sex session right there in the office and no one knew about it, as we were the last ones left in the office. I wondered if I’d et to fuck him again, I sure hoped so, and soon, as he was the best fuck I’d had in years and pleased my pussy. I came very hard for him and wanted more.

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