The Striptease

I love to show off for my boyfriend, he loves when I do a personalized striptease for him. It gets him all riled up before we fuck, and I usually debut any new lingerie when I do my little dances for him. I got this new lingerie and stockings the other day and we hadn’t fucked in a few days, so both of us were horny, we’d just been too busy to set aside the time, but last night was the night, I came out wearing the lingerie and put on some sexy music and was soon swaying in front of him doing my thing.

I could see his cock getting hard as his pants became tighter and he started to rub himself over his jeans and I said no, don’t touch, don’t spoil your appetite, I will do that for you in a few minutes. He smiled and stopped touching himself and I continued to move back and forth to the music and slowly take off one item at a time, shaking my tits and my ass at him until I knew he couldn’t take it any longer.

I went over to him and took out his cock and started to fondle it and it was already as hard as a rock. I was nude by now, and straddled him and sank down on his shaft and started to ride it, good and deep and I was rubbing my clit with the base of his cock and just grinding on it. It felt wonderful. I rode him until I came and he shot his load into my shaved pussy. We continued to fuck throughout the night as we had not cum in days and needed several orgasms. My little naughty dances are always sure to get him going. I love doing them for him.

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