Kiss My Cock

Like most guys, my boyfriend loves blow jobs, he also loves red lipstick on a woman as she’s giving him a blow job. It’s messy, it smears, but some guys love it. One time I even got this two step lipstick product to see if he’d like it better since it doesn’t smear. You apply this lip stain and then this clear, glossy top coat like gloss over top of it, the color does not come off. It’s nearly impossible to get off. He wasn’t a fan of it for that reason, it did not smear.

He loves to watch me apply a fresh coat of lipstick before coming to the bedroom to suck on his cock and kiss it all over, he loves lip prints on his cock and balls. I laughed when he told me that, but hey, we all have our kinks. I like to kneel on the bed before his open legs and kiss the tip of his dick and go up and down each side, driving him crazy. Then take his balls in my mouth and suck on them one at a time. I drool profusely all over his shaft for a smooth blow job that’s wet and sloppy, and filled with pleasure.

Sucking his cock makes me so wet, he can get hard again pretty quickly so after his blow job, we can fuck and I can feel that dick in my pussy. He spreads me open wide and thrusts it in all the way up tot he balls, pleasing my pussy and making me cum, and I’ve still got a bit of lipstick on, but it looks a bit smeared, but he likes it. He says it makes me look like a well used whore, and that turns him on. I’m happy to help.

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