Playful Panties

One thing that is extremely popular with clients is them wearing panties, today alone a few called wearing them, not just panties, but decked out in a bra, stockings, the whole lingerie package. They love to make a whole ritual out of getting dressed up before they masturbate. One was using a vibe on his cock as he talked, he holds the tip of the vibe on the head of his cock. Many that call using vibes are using them up their ass, a prostate massager many of the times, others are using their girlfriend or wife’s vibe and the lady has no clue. I wouldn’t be thrilled to use a vibe that had been up anyone else’s ass.

One man said all his three wives had known about his obsession with panties. The first wanted no part of it and it was not spoken of, so he did it on the sly. The second wife, was thrilled about it and they would even get matching panties and he said they behaved “like lipstick lesbians”, and she was an active participant in these panty games until she passed away. His third and current wife, is more like the first, she knows about it, but is not really wanting any involvement in it.

Women will often have different reactions to their partner in panties. Some are ok with it, even have fun with it, others want no part of what they consider a perversion. So I can understand many just find it easier to remain quiet than chance such a revelation being a deal breaker for the relationship. Sometimes it’s just easier to remain quiet about it than chance ruining what you value as a relationship.

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