The Healing Touch

It’s no secret lots of guys have fantasies about nurses. Several callers over the years have asked if I was a nurse or a teacher, so that shows you how popular fantasies about women in those two professions are. The idea of being cared for b a nurse is a seductive one, many have medical fantasies, there can be examinations involved, prostate massages, sperm collection, all kinds of things to do with being cared for or given extra attention in some way. Some men have thought what if their arms were broken and they couldn’t jerk off until they healed? Who would do it for them? The nurse, of course.

They love to think about such things, like the scene in Seinfeld where George visits his mother in the hospital and he’s taken with the nurse giving the patient in the next bed the sponge bath, men let their imaginations go wild with the idea of someone caring for them like that. In the olden days, nurses were considered little more than prostitutes, since they regularly attended to naked men, so that idea of them seeing lots of naked men and tending to their needs remains in the minds of many men.

A book I read years ago written by a nurse revealed how she did on occasion relieve the sexual tension of a patient or two that was unable to themselves. Perhaps in today’s more litigious world, that wouldn’t be as common as it was several decades ago when it was written, but what goes on behind the pulled bed curtains, only the nurse and patient know. The slutty nurse Halloween costume is a popular one, playing into such notions. The desirable nurse image will always be around.

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