Red Hot Mama’s


Some guys are into the impregnation type of fantasy and roleplay during phone sex, but some others like a woman that is already much further along than just getting knocked up. They want that full belly, the swollen breasts, the flushed cheeks and naturally rosy lips. Nature makes some women have a glow about them to make them more attractive and less apt to have their partners abandon them during that time.

Some men will go so far as to search online classifieds sites to find visibly pregnant women to have sex with or even nurse from. It’s not as easy to find a pregnant partner, so it can take some hunting, and it’s a condition with a finite time limit as well, so they can’t keep after the same woman for too long. Many of these guys aren’t looking to be daddy’s either, they want to bail once the little one makes its appearance. People do have odd fetishes, but this is a fairly harmless and natural one.

Many ladies don’t wish to have anything to do with sex when they are pregnant. Others however do feel hornier than usual due to surging hormones. No matter what state a woman is in, normal, menstruating, pregnant, you can be sure some men are turned on by it and seeking it out, even if to some others that condition is hands off time. Some men do not have any desire to be with a pregnant woman. To some though, it is a woman’s most desirable state to be in. Cupping those swollen tits, grasping that full belly, the copious amounts of lubrication, a heady combination to some.

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