Farting Phone Sex


So this caller I was talking to has fart fetish. Yes, I’ve heard of it before and even spoken to some that wanted me either to really fart, not happening, or at least make fart noises with my mouth. That I can do, though feel ridiculous doing so. He wanted to share with me how his girlfriend would indulge his fetish by consuming lots of gassy foods before they’d get intimate and he knows many find this fetish gross or comical, but he’s quite serious about finding it highly arousing.

So Taco Bell is one of his favorite places to take a girl for dinner, lots of gassy foods to consume. I was laughing as he was describing how he enjoys the full aroma of a fart in the face in a 69 position. He’s a good cook as well apparently, and one of his specialties is cabbage rolls, and you can imagine the farts that come from a dinner of several cabbage rolls. He doesn’t want his dates to be uncomfortable, so he often also offers them anti gas chewable tablets and they of course cause you to fart to get that bloated, pressure feeling out.

He described in graphic detail how a 69 is his favorite sexual activity after a dinner of these gassy foods, since he can be sure to get some gas in the face. When someone is relaxed, when they are aroused and trying to cum, farts can slip out a lot more easily, which of course he loves to have happen. Tongue on clit one minute buried between the pussy lips and all of a sudden, oops, puff of toxic air in the face. Most people would be mortified, especially a woman, but he makes it clear he wants them to let them slip. Harmless but odd. Pass the bean dip.

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