Sex Lessons


I used to teach a bit as a supply teacher before getting into adult entertainment full time. I used to do phone sex when I was a teacher as well and lots of times I could tell my callers about the sort of shenanigans that happened at school that people didn’t know about. I’ve always liked young guys and when I was teaching at the high school, I had access to lots of hot young guys and believe me, I took full advantage of their raging hormones.

Many times ones I liked I’d slip my cell phone number to and they’d call me after school and I’d have them come over and we’d get up to all kinds of fun things. I can’t even count how many virgins I deflowered over the five years I was supply teaching there. It was a really good place to come into contact with lots of horny, teenage boys. I gave so many of them lessons they will never forget, how to properly lick pussy, finger a girl, and fuck and be able to last. I have done a great service to these young men setting them on the path to being good lovers.

I loved having them sneak in my back door all the time. Luckily I never got found out, but it was so hot. I think my one neighbor wondered what was going on, I told him my sisters had lots of sons and they’d come over and help me with things. I doubt they believed that one! I still have some boys I play with I found online and I love teaching them how to please women as well. It’s a good thing to help youngsters learn!

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