I Gave My Boyfriend My Ass For Christmas

I am a giver, what can I say. One thing I don’t like to give out easily though is my ass, that’s reserved for dedicated boyfriends only. My boyfriend is always asking me when I will let him have my ass and the answer is always “later.” Well Christmas was as good a time as any to give out my most special gift to him. When I came strutting out in some new lingerie, he knew he was going to get lucky, he just didn’t know how lucky he was going to get. I told him my ass was his present.

The look on his face was priceless. I was soon stripped out of the lingerie and on all fours on the bed, with a well lubed up cock right at my little pink hole. I relaxed, leaned forward on my elbows, ass up, ready to give myself to him totally. He pushed in slowly, as gently as he could. I reached underneath myself and started to rub my own clit with some of the lube and it was stiff, it felt good to work the tip of my middle finger around on it in little circles, teasing myself.

He pumped away as I teased that hard little clit and he was so excited, it didn’t take him long to pop. Then he flipped me over and did my favorite thing, he went down on my pussy and started to suck on that hard clit driving me wild. I felt his tongue slither all over it until I came all over his face. He then fucked me hard and I wrapped my legs around him, driving us both wild. His dick rubbed just right on my clit and had me on the verge of cumming again, which I soon did. He had a very good Christmas.

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