Skull Fuck

So many callers love the idea of really making a woman gag on their cock until she’s got tears running down her face, makeup all mussed up, a really good skull fucking. The more humiliating, the better. Spittle drooling all over the place, cum on the nose, in the hair and all over, just as degrading as can be. Not all women find that degrading though, but some do. You cannot really determine what another person finds degrading, so if you both like it, by all means, be degrading together! Many like to be used and abused and if a huge, dripping cock that is filling their mouth to the point of tears running down their face and not being able to breathe is what they like, go for it.

Think of that hard cock, touching the back of their throat, the tears making their mascara run, them struggling to breathe through their noses, since the violently thrusting cock is gagging them repeatedly, over and over as they have their mouth used as a pussy. One caller that used to like to suck cock himself called himself pussyface, and said his mouth was like a pussy and that his boyfriend wanted him to have his teeth removed some getting a blow job from him would feel more like a pussy with no teeth in the way.

Using their ears or hair as a handle and really making them struggle as you push that cock ever deeper down their throat. Some mention they like nails digging in or teeth being used to dig in or even bite to the point of drawing blood. Some want it smooth, others want it a bit rough for them both. A deep throat fuck will make you feel in control when you’re doing the thrusting and not letting the woman control it. One said he loved it when he’d stand at the edge of the bed with the woman laying on her back with her head hanging off the end and he’d thrust downward into her mouth in that position. She sure would not be in control that way, at all.

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