Blowing Off Steam

Most would assume men calling phone sex lines are calling to hear a woman talk sexy to them as they masturbate, and yes, that’s usually true. Sometimes however men do have different reasons for calling. Like blowing off steam. I had a funny call the other day and I assumed this man wanted sexy talk, so I started asking him what turned him on. He then said he didn’t call for sexy talk, he just wanted to talk to someone he wasn’t mad at. I asked him who was making him mad, and he said his wife for one, and the workmen outside for another.

I asked what they were doing to make him angry and he said they were putting a new driveway down and doing a lousy job of it. I said tarring a driveway doesn’t seem very complicated, which he agreed, so they were making him even more made screwing up a simple job. When I asked what his wife had done, he said too many things to even describe. He just needed someone to calm him down and tell him things would get better. It was only just after ten in the morning when he called, so his day was off to a bad start. He hoped I’d turn it around for him.

I haven’t heard back from him, hopefully things got better. Some callers are just exasperated and have no one to turn to and express their most basic frustrations. Another caller that’s divorced likes to tell all about his various health issues and doctor visits. Many have no one else to talk to and just get frustrated and reach out to a non threatening person who will listen to them, even if sex isn’t what they are calling to talk about. It really does take all kinds.

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