Raunchy Rubbing

Never underestimate a horny female. Many do. They don’t realize girls can be even more creative in their masturbation playing than guys can be. One of the rare times a woman called and told me some of the odd ways she’s masturbated and she said when she was younger and came home from school and had the house to herself she used to rub her pussy against the corner of the kitchen table. I’d never heard of that before.

The closest thing I ever tried was the bed I used to have had a foot board and one of the decorative corners of it was about at crotch level and I tried grinding on it, but it was a bit hard to keep my balance on one foot and I wasn’t able to get to orgasm trying it. I always thought of that time I did so though every time I looked at the post! I never tried rubbing on a doll or anything, but many girls do that, some even insert Barbie dolls, that could go very wrong, and is not advised. Horny people often are not thinking clearly though and not thinking what could happen if things go wrong.

She told me how she’d take her skirt or pants off when she came in and realized she was alone for a while, and she was always afraid someone would come in and catch her. The chances would be high for a high traffic room like a kitchen someone could come home and walk in and she’d be bucking against the corner of the table, getting the corner of it slick with her cunt juice as she tried to get her self off. For many young girls, masturbation is a huge part of their lives, just like it is with guys, before bed, in the shower, after school, there’s no end to the self pleasuring when you’re young and horny.

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