Pay to Play

Many people that do not understand what phone sex is all about mock both the operators that offer it and the men that pay for it. They think all men that pay in any way for sex are simps. The truth is, a lot of men pay for sex the same way they do for any other entertainment. They wouldn’t get any sex otherwise in a great many cases. Let’s face it, very few men are alpha males who have tons of charisma and can attract women easily. Many are toads with little dicks that are social awkward and not attractive. They cannot attract women easily, if at all. Paying is the only way for them.

Some are so socially shy they balk at even the idea of going to an escort if you ask them if they have if they are some older virgin type. The idea frankly terrifies them. They’d never be able to get an erection under such circumstances. Talking to a woman on the phone is about as daring as many of them could ever hope to be. Their social skills are poor and lacking, and they’d never be able to seal the deal with a real live woman.

Phone sex is the perfect way for guys like this to have a sexual experience, even if it is just masturbation, with a woman. They are talking to a woman as they stroke their cock and have an orgasm. They do need to pay for that privilege. Some love to pay regardless. They look at sex as a commodity and that must be paid for. Some that are huge tippers say it makes them feel better to give. That it actually makes them happier than the woman they are giving the money to. It’s a complex dynamic no matter what way you slice it. Thank goodness there’s always guys that will pay to play.

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