Behold, the Timid Pervert

It goes without saying that man callers are shy men that have no luck with women in their own lives. Phone sex is it for them, masturbation and talking to a lady is as much intimacy as some will ever know. Some come right out and confess they are shy and don’t get any girls, that a Fleshlight or pocket pussy is the closest they have ever come. Some might have a small penis, others are average sized, but simply lacking in the much needed confidence they need. I asked one such shy caller what he would do if an aggressive woman came onto him if she found him attractive. He said he’d be very uncomfortable.

It’s surprising how many callers have related such things. One caller that was a virgin until he was in his mid thirties used to say after he finally did get a girlfriend, many times he’d pretend to be asleep since her sexual demands would intimidate him. It’s mind boggling that some men can be like this. One caller that’s a long term one is a nice man, he seems very nice, just too shy to get a real woman, although he’s divorced. Likely because he was so shy. I call him the timid pervert, although he’s quite tame. He doesn’t even like to talk about sex during calls, he just calls for permission to masturbate.

There’s never any talk of blow jobs, or fucking, he just wants me to tell him it’s ok for him to hump his pillow. He told me he liked a lady a few years ago, and he thought she’d be open to a sexual encounter, but he said he just didn’t have the confidence to seal the deal, so he went home alone as always. It’s kind of sad, but people are many times their own worst enemies.

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