You Dirty Old Man!

Have you got a thing for ageplay phone sex? Some callers like a young voice when they call an operator for this sort of fantasy. Some ladies can put on a younger voice is asked, others sound young naturally, so guys will be able to find the right match for them if you are looking to be the “dirty daddy” or “pervy uncle.” Being a good girl for daddy turns a lot of guys on. The innocence, the submissiveness. Maybe that curious girl doesn’t have any hair on her pussy yet and you’re looking to be the one to teach her all about masturbation, if she hasn’t figured it out already.

She likely has though, many girls start very young and can be quite horny. You maybe have been a pervy uncle and spied on your young niece when she came to visit. You thought she was asleep and went to check on her and she wasn’t asleep, you saw her masturbating, stroking her young pussy and it made your big, grown up dick hard, didn’t it? You naughty, naughty man! You stayed there in the darkened doorway, seeing her pussy as she stroked it up and down, the light from the window shining on her.

You perhaps fantasized about going over and helping her, or maybe even licking that young cunt and showing her what that was like, no one has ever licked her pussy before, you would be the first. You rubbed the outside of your pants as you watched her and you came in them, you didn’t even have a chance to get your cock out it aroused you so much to watch her masturbate her young pussy. You’ve thought about that event many times, haven’t you? Well when you talk to an operator with a young voice, you can talk about what you would have loved to have actually happened.

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