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The Hustler

Sometimes some of the things callers confess to us can shock us, are they telling the truth, or is this all made up in their minds? Sometimes it can be one or the other and you never quite know what’s … Continue reading

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Let’s Order Up Some Fun

It’s funny how some men proclaim they’d never, ever pay for sex. That they don’t have to. I guess some are lucky enough they haven’t been in that situation and can get laid on demand. Many however are not in … Continue reading

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For The Soldier Boy’s

To many selling oneself is a taboo, but we all also know that prostitution is the world’s oldest  profession, and with good reason. France has always been a forward thinking country, and I found it amusing when I read about … Continue reading

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The World’s Oldest Profession

Even though it exists in every country in the world, many look down on prostitution as a big sexual taboo. Why, I honestly don’t personally grasp. It should be a persons fundamental right to do with their own  body as … Continue reading

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