The MILF Next Door


There was a lady caller this week and it was quite the exciting call. She was in her late forties and had a thing for younger men, and the boy next door in particular. She was just waiting for his birthday when he’d be legal before making her move on him, but she’d been waiting for this day for over the last two years when she spotted him and wanted to fuck him, masturbating about him just waiting for the day she could make her move without any legal trouble. That day came last week.

The very next day, she invited him over to do some odd jobs for her, but of course there really was no odd job, just something to get him over to her house and it didn’t take much to get him to want to fuck her as much. He was shy, inexperienced and cute as anything and she brushed up against him and he cock was hard in a minute and she was rubbing it, at first over his jeans, then when she reached in to get his cock and she had it in her mouth soon after, that young, teenaged cock and she was wet from the anticipation alone.

She soon led the young lad into her bedroom and stripped down for him and undressed him as well and she laid him back and straddled him with her lithe, cougar body that he wasn’t able to resist. She gave him the afternoon of his life, and he has come back a few times for more and she’s loving every minute of it. She wanted to tell someone about it, she said her friends wouldn’t understand, and she called me and I loved hearing about it and am jealous, seeing as I love younger guys as well. I can’t wait to hear about her further misadventures with the young guy.

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