Follow Your Orders


One of my callers is convinced he’d love to come see me and be my real life slave, to serve me any way I’d wish for him to. While the idea is appealing in one regard, on the other hand I really don;t want to mix real with business. Some girls are real time dommes and see clients for whippings, spankings, paddling, all sorts of varying things, others prefer they do not actually meet with clients. It just depends on what you are comfortable with.

Some of these callers have visited real time dommes and even traveled thousands of miles to see them and paid large sums of money to be disciplined by them. Some will agree to weeks long punishments and be very aroused to have them. Everything from being driven out to barns in the middle of nowhere for weeks in the summer heat and left naked, to being chained in dark, damp, dungeons. You never know what sorts of tricks some of these dommes have up their sleeves, they can be very cruel and devious.

Submissive men are more common than you’d think. Not all men are forceful brutes, many are wimps cowering in their boots like scared rabbits, just waiting for the domineering shrew to give them their orders. They are lost without a strong woman to tell them what to do. They are simply submissive by nature and not capable of taking the lead. It’s hard to respect a man like that, yet there are so many of them.

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