Drugged Sex


The appeal of having sex with a sleeping or drugged or passed out person escapes me. They can’t respond back or help have fun, it’s just an unconscious person laying there as limp as a dishrag. Some guys however do find it appealing and woman have to watch their drinks when they go out to make sure someone doesn’t slip something in them, so it is a real concern.

They certainly can’t say no if they are drugged or passed out or sleeping, so you won’t be getting turned down. Most drugged sex acts are not actually from being drugged, over intake of alcohol is actually the easiest way to get a woman to pass out and not be able to fight off her assailant. It’s usually not hard to get someone to drink more they think, especially if giving them alcohol without much taste such as vodka. There’s always going to be horny guys that are looking to get laid, if they can’t get sex easily, then they look for ways to get it even if the person their are targeting is not interested.

There’s actually a large niche on some porn and tube sites of drugged women getting fucked, yes, it’s likely pretend for the filming, but gives ones watching ideas to do it for real and possibly get away with it. It’s a power thing, the man is taking it away from the woman to resist, many times they may have no memory of it at all if they were totally out cold, so it goes unreported and the perpetrator unpunished.

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