Cover Me In Cum

Many men that call like to ask where I’d take their load. I know most would prefer mouth as my answer, some pussy, so they are my usual replies. Some however want their cum elsewhere. On the tits, on the ass after doggy style, some on the face for a facial. The bukkake trend is one of the smaller niches in porn, but a popular one. It’s considered humiliating for a woman to take the cum of many on her face like some cum target.

I always think of men being like dogs marking their territory with their ejaculate. Most guys aren’t going to watch actual violence in porn, thank goodness, but as this is an act of humiliation, it’s in a way an act of degradation that makes them feel the woman getting the loads blasted on her is getting a comeuppance of sorts. Some men are into a woman being degraded, especially a woman that is much above what they could get in real life. So by “letting her have it”, it’s a bit of a pay back. We’ve all been on dating sites and had a guy message us all interested, replied back no thank you, then they let the insults fly to try and drag us down for us having the nerve to reject them.

Bukkake actually started in Japan because they couldn’t show the actual genitals, seems insane not showing them in porn, but they could show what shot out of them, so it was fetishized and became a popular thing to feature in their porn, and then moved across to the US. Many guys do see women in porn as sluts to be used for their sexual pleasure only, so have no problem with watching a woman get covered in cum by a handful of guys and basically used and humiliated.

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