Body “Art”

Now there are people that look at the body as art in and of itself, then there are those that wish to do something to create art with the body in some way. The video below shows a woman that is literally stuffing her pussy full of wool and then knitting with it, in front of a crowd and during everyday of the month no less, my how colorful. And gross. What gives performance artists these sort of ideas, I cannot imagine, but there are some for sure that do try and use their bodies this way.

I’ve seen videos of woman painting on canvas with their nipples and guys painting with their dicks, to people rolling around naked on canvases to ones painting everything from their blood to their shit. People are an odd lot, and many seem to see “art” in all kinds of different forms. Whether there is any actual intrinsic artistic value in their creations is obviously up to the public that they expect to buy the items, obviously. I guess it’s kind of a beauty is in the eye of the beholder sort of situation, which would be true.

What is trash to one, might be treasure to another. They are just trying to create something “beautiful”, even if to most others it’s a thing of repulsion and disgust. Some might be going for the gross out factor, but most likely believe they are truly artistic revolutionaries in some way shape or form. I think I will stick to scarves though that haven’t been created by first being stuffed up a pussy!

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