Teach Me Tonight…….

It’s considered a bit of a taboo for one to have sex with someone that they have power over. A boss and an employee, a Dr. and a patient, a teacher and a student.

Remember years ago the case of notorious teacher Mary Kay Letourneau who had an affair with her student, had two children with him and then went to jail and ended up marrying him when she got out? Well, not all teacher/student affairs are quite so dramatic or well known about, but they do happen and frequently.

Honestly, I don’t understand why everyone is so hung up on age. I am Canadian, and the age of consent here is 16. Until a few years ago it was 14. In some Netherlands countries it is 12.

Many at that age know what they want. In any case, it can be naughty and hot for a teacher/student fling, if both are consenting of course.

Imagine the forbidden excitement of sneaking around, fucking in the classroom after school, hoping no one would see. Blow jobs under the desk. I used to have a fantasy about going to a teacher to complain about getting a bad grade, and they said they could give me an A, if I was willing to fuck them and suck on their cock in return.

And of course I couldn’t let my parents know I’d gotten a D on an important exam, being the good little girl that I was, so I agreed to fuck the teacher for good grades and was treated like a good little slut in my school uniform and fucked bent over the desk with my plaid, pleated skirt pushed up over my hips. Needless to say, I got straight A’s from that teacher, and we never got discovered.

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