Drugged Sex

It’s a taboo thing to have sex with someone against their will. I’m not talking violent rape persay, but rather sex where the other person, usually the woman, is drunk, drugged or sleeping.

I have a client that likes to talk about the women getting fucked as they have been drugged. Totally vulnerable and unable to move. Personally, I don’t see why having sex with another person that is as limp as a rag doll and cannot participate is appealing, yet some do. Date rape drugs like rohypnol have been around for a long time, and a girl being passed out is no deterrent for a guy to have sex with you.

It’s kind of sad if they can’t get a willing woman and the only way they can get one is if they are drugged, but that is the case, or it wouldn’t be such a problem.

It’s kind of scary to think that someone would take advantage this way, yet they will, and you’re told to keep track of your drinks when you’re out so ones will not slip something into them that you’re not expecting. What has the world come to that people have no sense of decency.

If one is just sleeping, there’s a high chance they will wake up and protest and possibly escape the assault, but if drugged or drunk, not much chance. You would feel violated, yet not have the memory of what happened. Would be a very upsetting situation to find oneself in for sure.


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