Please Spank Me!


Spanking and the fetish with it usually has roots that go back to our childhoods, since well, that’s when people usually get spanked. In schools in the past it was an accepted form of corporal punishment along with a strap across the hand. The thought of a school administering physical punishments is abhorrent to me, it doesn’t really seem the place even in families, but an occasional spanking isn’t going to hurt a kid too bad, but in no way should it be a school’s place to do that.

There were so many spankings administered in previous generations in school it has a deep seeded root in the minds of my men and took sexual hold of them and to this day even though they are adults it arouses them and they crave to be spanked as they were back then. Many even seeking out paid Mistresses to do the job. It never ceases to amaze me how many call that want to be spanked rather than doing the spanking themselves. It seems more natural for a man to spank a woman than a man to get spanked by a woman, even if light and playful. I can imagine getting spanked, but I sure can’t imagine being the one doing it, yet it’s so common for callers to ask for and it’s even a specialty of mine, I’ve had sore hands some days from so much hand clapping at times!

Silly boys…They want birthday spankings, spankings by celebrities, many like to go back and talk about mommy and how she spanked them, especially if she caught them jerking off when they were kids. It had a real effect on them. Parents have no idea the long lasting effects of what they might consider a fairly small disciplinary action and how it can color their child’s sexuality for decades to come.

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