Bukkake is a unique sexual act usually featuring several men and a woman, though it can also be several men cumming on one man as well. It started in (where else) Japan in the 80’s in porn due to their stricter laws and porn they couldn’t show the genitals having penetration. Porn without penetration? WTF? How very odd….So some porn producer thought another allowable yet naughty activity would be to show women getting covered with cum.

It places women in a humiliating, submissive position, not quite being gang raped, but they are being used by a group of men in a degrading manner. Some men like the idea of being cummed on by many guys as well. I easily recall a caller that told me all about some adult convention and how every attendee had to come with blood test papers since the had bukkake events there, and if ones were going to be covered with cum they had to make sure they were safe.

One has compared it to a circle jerk, a bunch of men masturbating together, it’s just the woman they are aiming their cum shots at is there for the completion of it, they aren’t alone with only other men there. He told me how at the convention a man sits in one of those inflatable little kiddie pools and the men stand around them and jerk off and cum on them. I can’t understand the appeal of it, but obviously it’s an appeal for some.

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