Tiny Dick Loser

Small penis humiliation is quite common for phone sex girls to talk about, it’s one of the top calls. There’s simply a lot of men out there with undersized cocks that are desiring to be made fun of. One called the other night and he didn’t immediately say he had a small cock. He said he was using a sex toy, which is fairly common. Fleshlight’s, pocket pussy’s, they are both used by callers all the time. He said however he wasn’t using one of those, he was using a toy meant for a woman. One of those clit sucking vibes.

I laughed and asked how that was possible. He then said his cock was the size of a clit and then he sent a picture of it. I could then imagine one that tiny easily fitting into the hole at the top of one of the clit sucking vibes. I’d never heard of a man using such a toy before. Perhaps these toy companies could increase their revenue if they also marketed themselves to men with a micro penis, but then I doubt they’d do that, it would just be too embarrassing. Just because some might have a micro penis does not mean their libido is micro, many of them masturbate a few times a day.

Is your little wee wee an object of shame and ridicule? Does it make your little clitty all hard to be made fun of by a pretty lady on the phone that’s laughing at you? Small penis humiliation phone sex is something you likely enjoy, and if you haven’t tried it, you really should. A real life girlfriend will likely hold back if you ask them to make fun of you, but believe me, the phone sex girls will not hold back at all, and they will laugh their asses off at your pitiful, useless appendage.

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