Lemme Fuck Those Feet

When a caller asks what size feet I have I know he’s usually going to be into some kind of foot fetish or want a foot job call. I’m only five two, yet have size ten feet, so they usually marvel at such big feet on a shorter lady. This man the other day said those size tens would be more than ample to cover and work his three inch cock, lol. Yes, I suppose they would at that. They are also usually interested in what color polish you have on your toes, no doubt to picture how they would look with their creamy little drops of cum splattered on them.

A foot job to me is a fairly innocent fetish request. Not everyone is into feet, but there’s nothing distasteful or horrific about feet. Many feet are of course very ugly, so I’m not sure who would want a foot job by ugly feet, but like everything else, ugliness is subjective. So what might be ugly to one man, might be delectable to the next. It seems an odd fetish to be honest, I cannot think there’s many women out there wanting a man’s toe to stimulate their pussy, yet there’s countless men seeking a woman’s foot or toes to stimulate their cock.

No one’s going to get pregnant, no sexually transmitted diseases, but you don’t want a foot job from some woman with athletes foot or that has plantar warts! So it’s curious why more people are not into feet, really. Maybe it’s still just too kinky for most out there, but heaven knows there’s a lot of really weird stuff guy’s wish to talk about. Do you fantasize about a woman’s feet and toes curling around your cock? If so, why not call and tell one of us all about it and see just how sexy our feet are, you just might like it.

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