Surprise Blow Job

If there’s one thing my boyfriend adores, it’s blow jobs. Like most men. I enjoy surprising him when he gets home by pouncing on him and sucking him. He often will come in the door and his dick will be in my mouth within thirty seconds. The first time I did it he was shocked, and he loved it. He came rather fast, since he was not expecting it and he about went over the edge with pleasure in short order. I find it fun to do these “blow job attacks” on him. I have done them to waken him up, when he gets home, while something’s cooking on the stove, all sorts of times when one would not expect to have such a thing done to them.

He said no other girlfriend has ever done this to him, and he thinks it’s just the most wonderful thing ever. So many ladies don’t enjoy giving them, or rarely do, and even though it’s more for his pleasure, I find if you keep a man happy, he will treat you well and reward you accordingly, so I’m generous shall we say. He can be made to cum quickly when I suck him off, so it doesn’t take long to get the desired effect.

Is a “brownie points blow job” worth it you ask? It sure is to me, and to him too. I doubt he suspects any ulterior motives, and I’m not sure I’d go so far as to describe it that way anyway. It just keeps things running smoothly if he’s kept physically satisfied I find, and this is one way to accomplish that without too much effort. Does your lady ever give you surprise blow jobs? Would you like it if they did? A man once said a surprise blow job is to a man what getting unexpected flowers is to a woman, perhaps that’s a good way to put it.

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