Playing With My Nipples

My nipples are very sensitive. I used to play with them when I was little even before I began playing with my pussy. I remember my nipples getting hard as I did so and I always enjoyed the sensation and was often admonished at home for doing so. Nice girls did not do such things. Well that just meant I just did it in secret. When I began to see and play with boys, many times when they went down on me I’d be stimulating my own nipples to heighten the sensations. I loved the feeling of my nipples being played with at the same time as my pussy.

I soon learned to places my lovers hands on them when he was busy licking and sucking me so he could rub his thumbs against them and I could just lay back and relax and enjoy the sensations. One of my boyfriends even bought me a nipple pump thing and I’ve used it so many times as I masturbated. I got one of those clit sucking vibes recently and you can also fit the tip of it to the nipple and it is extremely pleasurable to use before or during masturbation.

My current boyfriend is very into tits and loves to suck on them for the longest time. He can even make me orgasm from sucking on them alone, without even touching my pussy. I love the way it feels when his warm, wet tongue glides over one of my hardened nipples as his finger teases my clit, it’s sheer heaven to be pleased this way to me. I love having them sucked on while we fuck as well. It makes my pussy so much wetter to have them being played with. I just go crazy. I bet you’d like to play with my titties too, wouldn’t you? Are you a breast man? Why don’t you give one of our sexy ladies a call and talk all about their tits.

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