The Faulty Lock

Recently I got locked in a walk in closet with one of my roommates. The lock had been acting weird and it gave out entirely. We knew our other roommate would be home in around an hour and he could let us out, but we had a good hour to kill in the meantime, and things got a little steamy in the closet. We chit chatted and made small talk. He hadn’t been the new roommate long, so we didn’t know one another that well. We have very different schedules and busy lives. I needed help with a box that was too heavy for me to lift and he said he’d be happy to help, but the door shut behind him, locking us in.

There was no way out but to wait, but there was ample room and light, so we just talked. Then the conversation moved to boyfriends and girlfriends and sex and soon I was getting horny. He really was a nice looking guy, and he had a good sized bulge in his pants as well. I was curious. He saw me looking and he said he was pretty big. He asked if I wanted to see and of course I said yes. So he began to masturbate in front of me and I soon joined in. We kissed and touched and both came.

The roommate soon let us out, he knew we were home since our cars were both in the driveway, but he couldn’t find us. He soon heard us talking in the closet and opened the door. Good thing he hadn’t opened it fifteen minutes before when we were both masturbating and kissing. I’m not sure if it’s a wise idea to be sexually involved with a roommate, there’s a lot of room for error there. I will just see how it goes, but that big dick, I can’t stop thinking about what it would be like to feel it inside of me.

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