He Loved Feet

Sometimes a caller can amuse us without meaning to. Many are really dirty in their likes and fantasies, which is to be expected, but once in a while a mild one comes your way. This man started off the call by saying he wanted to know if I had any limits. That’s usually when I know I will maybe need to tell them to call someone else, because I’m not a no taboos sort. So I asked what he wanted to talk about and he said it was really perverted and taboo. He then said he liked to look at pics of women’s feet while he masturbates. That’s IT?! I ask? Yes.

After I finished laughing I told he I thought he was going to ask if I’d talk about babies or dogs or something, since believe me, ones do ask for that and everything under the sun. Feet, that’s it. That’s the great perverted taboo he was so worried and ashamed about that I’d find so disgusting I’d not want to talk to him. I said if you had any idea how tame you are, you wouldn’t believe it. So sometimes a caller can shock you in a good way like that. He said he almost always was looking online at foot pics when he jerks off. So innocent.

Foot fetish is a very common thing. I’d be glad to have a guy that wanted to rub my feet all the time, possibly do my pedicures for me and would kiss the tops of my feet. Lavishing attention on my feet would not be hard to get used to. Not for me anyway. Many want foot jobs, some are just into the foot worship, there’s several different types of foot fetish. Do sexy feet and toes get your cock throbbing? If so, call one of our lovely phone sex girls and let’s have an in depth talk about sexy feet tonight!

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