I Cheated With The Neighbor

Lots of us have had a thing for a neighbor over the years, but not all of us get to act on it. I liked the new neighbors that moved across the street last year when I met them. Especially the husband. His wife was nice enough, but she was often out of town, and he got lonely and I work from home, so you can kinda see where this is going. He came over one morning and asked if I’d like to get a coffee and I said why go out, I’ve got this nice machine right there? So he came in and the rest is history. We’ve been fuck buddies ever since.

His wife is away every other weekend and a few nights a month as well, so we have lots of opportunity to play. I love how he fucks me, he likes to come over and catch me by surprise. Sometimes we’ve fucked on the kitchen table, or the middle of the floor in the living room, he likes variety and spontaneity, things he doesn’t get at home with wifey. I’m not looking for anything serious, just some no strings attached fun, so our little arrangement works perfectly for me and my needs. He’s great at licking pussy, and I am happy to return the favor by sucking his ample sized cock.

His dick is a nice fit in my pussy. I don’t even need to masturbate anymore, since he’s happy to fuck me whenever he has the chance, and he has the chance a good deal. I have no clue if his wife is clueless or apathetic about his extra curricular love life, but I am happy to welcome him into my bed with open arms and open legs, and he has yet to disappoint me. His cock is welcome here anytime.

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